Live Fruitfully
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Fruitful Eating


As the old adage goes ‘you are what you eat’ and there is nothing but truth in this phrase. My goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in your diet without feeling the least bit deprived. Read on for some of my favourite recipes and healthy eating hacks for a wholesome diet. You may not like everything you read here,  but that’s part of the fun!



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I am a scientist and a skeptic, so I don’t believe in detoxes, fad diets, or that food can cure everything. But I do have a passion for helping people skim through all the sketchy online advice to find something that works for them. I hope that these healthy, unprocessed, and animal-product free recipes that I create to keep myself and my family inspired about the joys and benefits of plant based living will also become your go-tos.

Because Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is an invisible disorder I don’t take anything for granted. And this is part of my story…

“ Are you a vegan?” I get asked this question on a daily basis or whenever someone asks me about my dietary restrictions (also, I hate the word “restriction”!) The short answer is “no”.

Should I give up gluten, just because?





Rustic, simple and absolutely lip-smacking, these rhubarb galettes make the perfect afternoon treat!

The possibilities of veggie burgers always excite me but none as much as this Black Beauty

2 words. Matcha + honuts (healthier donuts) = bliss. Enough said